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tes tantntestant the reality when you look at the republican actions in particular, and the republican actions are polling 20% approval and the president is polling 50% approval, but the 20% approval is about the action on the cliff and not how they play in their individual districts. so when you travel around the country, and i have been to e tea party country in arizona, et cetera, there is a huge incentive for some of the more junior members of congress to stand their ground. it doesn't have to do with the fiscal math of the country, but it has to do with the electoral math of the home districts. >> and i think that she has put the finger on the thing that we are missing when we taub abolk this, because we act as if congress governs at a body with national interests and held accountable to national constituencies, but no, if it is game theory, each one of them is facing a different payoff structure in their own home constituen constituency. >> and it is skewed. first of all the tea party a minority, but the way that the republicans control the state governmentships and the state leg
conversation about action as well, but then we have to be careful because there is a reason why people use violence, why crazy people gravitate toward it, and militarism gravitates towards it, and part of the reason is that we as human beings find violence so compelling. so there is something difficult here if you watch the coverage and we have been through it before which is how do we make sense of this and how do we not turn away, because that is also a problem and social change and problem if you want to do anything about anything. but if you gorge on it without some sort of understanding of what the people are going through in that trauma, then we do risk exacerbating certain dynamics. >> i want to take a break and bring you in, michael, because i want to ask you about the other bigget big ethics question, is this time to talk about gun control. we know the critique that it is not the time. i want to make the critique, that it is time to have that argument. we will bring you the latest developments in newtown, connecticut, throughout the morning. stay with us. for those with visions of
know, this will happen again. so, if we don't take action and i'm not saying we have a panacea, but we have a responsibility to act and not to act is to be come police it. we have a responsibility to take action as well. i'm certainly heartened by what the president has had to say and i know he'll do an extraordinary job this evening and throughout the day with the families and then this evening at the ceremony in sandy hook. >> congressman, stay with us. i want to bring in two people at the table. mark alexander, a former adviser to president obama who worked with senator bill bradley on the gun control policy. and the professor of sociology at the columbia university. you know president obama. you know he's had to deal with this an extraordinary number of times in his first term as president. do you think this is the fire lit for him that will ultimately take him to the hill on the gun control questions? >> i certainly hope so. first and foremost, i look at this as many of us do, you, too. as a parent, we are heart broken. it's hard to talk about this. we know we have to take act. i
with the deferred action for childhood arrivals ordered by president obama. so far, 310,000 young people have applied. that action may in fact have bore fruit for the president on election night when he took home 71% of the latino vote. yet, no comprehensive reform had been attempted by the obama add mrpgs. many are still looking to the president for leadership on the issue. back with my panel. i'm interested in this because this is a moment on the one hand they're heckling, but the next moment they do basically what i have to read from a page in the republican handbook, they hand to him a policy. they're like here, do this. and sure enough, he does it. we end up with deferred action. >> right. >> is that the model for how we're going to get immigration reform done sm. >> i have to give those dreamers credit. they enlisted a lot of scholars and gave the president documents, this is a legal way for you to do what we want to do. meanwhile, they were chaining themselves to the white house, this is in the thick of the campaign, staging demonstrations at his campaign offices. this is true grassroo
doors this afternoon? >> reporter: well, i think most of the action is going on in the hill where staffers with majority leader reid and minority leader mcconnell are trying to conjure up some last-minute deal and this plan would not be the grand bargain that john boehner started initially working on. that plan would have dealt with tax reform and deficit reduction and this will be a much more scaled back version that will deal with the issue of taxes and that is still the big sticking point, taxes. of course, democrats and president obama have called for tax rates to increase on those making $250,000 or less. republicans have said that's way too low. so they're thinking about potentially compromising on a rate that would be $400,000 or $500,000, but some republicans are saying they don't think that the tax rate should go up on anyone. so taxes still the major sticking point. right now the negotiations are going on the hill and there's a lot of optimism that came from the talks yesterday. of course, president obama hosted congressional leaders at the white house and they left that
in the army and marine corps remain off limits to women. this week, new action was taken to change that. with the help of the aclu and the service women's action network, four service women, one of whom is my guest, filed a federal lawsuit against defense secretary, leon panetta, arguing that any pentagon ban against women in combat roles is unconstitutional. statistics say more than 1,000 women have been killed in the line of duty in iraq and afghanistan. many lacked combat training, having to learn on the fly. which leaves us with the question. why can't we have a few good women too at the taubl are two people that are asking the very question. one of them is one of the plaintiffs, captain zoe badel and anu bagwati. thanks so much for being here. zoe, why this case and why now? >> i've been serving for four years and did two tours in afghanistan and led a program where i had a team of female marines that supported the infantry units, lived with them, worked with them, patrolled with them every day. whether they came in contact with the enemy, so did my marines. i took care of my marin
to take action and so there is -- what was noticed on these negotiations and the question is go going, and that's the sticking point and we're waiting to see what happens and we're running out of time and as the other guests have said, it will be up to the house to see if they can get it through. >> i want to throw it up on the screen so folks at home can appreciate when we're talking about and what it will mean for people if no deal is reached. the bush tax cuts expire for all americans. that means everyone's taxes go up. the payroll tax holiday will expire which means roughly $1,000 decrease in take home pay for the the average worker. unemployment insurance goes away for more than 2 million people. the sequester as well, $110 billion in automatic spending cuts to defense and other domestic programs. that's going kick in, as well. 30 million more americans will be hit by the amt, the alternative minimum tax and the estate tax. it goes on. it goes on. it goes on. why, david jackson, haven't people started screaming from the streets and screaming from the rooftops about what this mean
to a renewed call for action on gun control. finding common ground on gun policy will be tough, but necessary. so this week's letter is addressed to the man headed to the u.s. senate who will either decide to compromise on gun control laws or stand in the way. dear senate designate tim scott, it's me, joy reid. man, you definitely made some history in the deep south on monday when republican governor nikki haley of south carolina appointed you to fill out two years of retiring senator jim demint's term. you'll be the first black senator from the south since reconstruction, the first african-american republican senator in more than three decades, and only the seventh african-american to serve as a u.s. senator. while your appointment is seen by some as a measure of progress, others have called you a mere token. elevated only to show that the gop has gotten the diversity memo it missed this past election. so mr. scott, let's move past whether the discussion is of the historic nature of your appointment and let's talk about you. let's talk about your reaction to the deadly shooting rampage at sa
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. in the coming days, javon belcher's actions and their possible connection to football will be analyzed. who knows? but hear wrote jason whitlock. if javon belcher didn't possess a gun, he and kassandra perkins would loath be alive today. >> costas and whitlock, were talking about the death of jordan davis. a florida student was killed in a hail of bullets fired by a motorist over the volume of the music jordan and his friends were playing. we haven't forgotten the hundreds and thousands of nameless people who are nameless to the media who are falling victim to gun violence in cities like chicago. how many more kassandras and jordan and trayvons and gabby giffords do we need before our political leaders talk seriously about our country's gun problem. with me at the table, law professor, kenji yoshino, donna edwards of maryland. senior fellow at dee moes, bob herbert and john a nanny, the founder of a program dedicated to introducing urban and rural high school students to activities. >> you've written column after column about guns and gun violence in our country. every time, he have time th
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)